Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Happy New Year everyone. I hope the holidays were good to you. Even as the new year begins. My year has some what began with reviewing my friendships.
As children the worst thing anyone would ever tell you is “I am not your friend
That can cause a child’s life to literally stand still and feel the worst kind of rejection. We usually do not think it affects us as adults but it actually does. Outside of family who can you really count on to be there for you?
One of my friends is in a transition period where she will be in another country and going with her through the process made me realize how far we have come. She is one of my oldest friends but I realized that our friendship was more than about how long we knew each other but about how much time and energy we invested in each other. Knowing that she is in a new season doesn’t make me worry about our friendship because the roots are deep.
 I also have friends I made along the way and I cannot imagine how fast our friendships have developed. It’s amazing how you might think that the best friendships are the longest ones, that’s not necessarily true, it’s more about quality than quantity. How much does one put in the friendship and how willing are you to be vulnerable to one another.
I wasn’t one who had close friends growing up, I was a typical loner. I had people around me, talked to almost everyone but no real connections with anyone. I used to sit and write or draw. I completely misunderstood what friendship was supposed to look like. As I became older, I realized I was in a crisis and I actually prayed to God to bring friends into my life, and He certainly never disappointed me.
 The truth is that life happens and that is when the friendships are tested. I know there are people I was good friends with before but after transition things changed. It took me a while to discover that some friendships are seasonal others are for a lifetime. When season friendships ends it can take you by surprise and a lot of the time they do not end well. Not that they end in a fight necessarily but they can just end because no one is putting effort in sustaining it.
I recently started re-watching old animated features that we watched when we were kids. There are many, very many but something clicked when I re-watched Jungle Book.
Mowgli was conflicted about the unexpected and he wanted to remain in his comfort zone and in the familiar despite being in danger.
Bagira was the friend who knew him since he was a child and Mowgli sometimes took him for granted and just saw Bagira as the one who wanted to get rid of him.
Baloo was Mowgli’s fun friend and they clicked immediately they met. Baloo saw a lot in Mowgli and felt that he could protect him despite the danger.
When Mowgli was finally attacked by the tiger, Baloo risked his life to save him.
In the end Mowgli proved that he could take care of himself, with the help of the vultures he got rid of the tiger.
There is also at the end of the feature where Mowgli finally meets a fellow human and finally gets what Bagira was trying to do in the first place. Apart from trying to keep him safe, Bagira knew Mowgli needed to be around other humans to understand who he was better. As much as it was hard for Mowgli to let go of Baloo, he knew he had to go to the village. Either way both Baloo and Bagira would always be a part of his life.
 From all this I am sure you may have identified a Baloo in your life of a Bagira. There are no friends that are alike. That is why we have more than one friend. I know for me my friends all have a particular need they meet in my life. Even the seasonal ones. I have learnt to get past the being very attached to people. I always just thank God when someone is in my life and I know that with God there is a reason someone is in your life.
My best friend is God. He has been with me even before my presence on earth. He knows my deepest secrets and desires and what is best for me. I have learnt to go to Him first with my issues big or small and because He is so Awesome He directs me to who can help me best or be a source of comfort to me. I certainly do not take Him for granted. He always wants what’s best for me and I cannot fathom my life without Him.
I am grateful for my friends, because I know my Best Friend {God} brought each and everyone of you in my life.

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