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War Room was the most anticipated movie in the Christian Circles in 2015. The impact it had and still has is only one that we can thank God for. As I close my last post for this year I thought finishing with this was a great way to be a source of encouragement to others as they look to a blessed 2016.

My dilemma with most Christian movies is that we tend to forgive the production and just focus on the message. But War Room made me forget the production because of the powerful nature the story was told. I just loved it because of its impact in my life.
From my latest posts am sure people can tell my year has been a tough one. God’s timing for this movie being released was just perfect because I really needed the encouragement the story line had and I have ended my year really connecting with God in an amazing way.
You can read more on that in my previous blog  BATTLE CRY
I thought I would share some of the things that I learnt from the movie and that I actually practice now that I have watched the movie.
 Before that here is a link to the trailer WAR ROOM TRAILER

  • ·         Have a prayer strategy, it actually helps you focus and helps you prepare scriptures for what you are praying for and helps you focus
  • ·         The prayer strategy makes you feel you are on a secret mission with God and you meet with Him regularly to strategize the next move, which is pretty cool
  • ·         Do not be a look warm Christian, stand your ground.
  • ·         You are not fighting flesh and blood but powers and principalities. Grant grace to those who wrong you and fight the real enemy
  • ·         Have a quiet place and a time that no one will interrupt as your War Room. Not everyone has a closet like in the movie but find a place
  • ·         Have some accountability. Having someone like Miss Clara is great but we don’t all have access to an older person to speak into our lives. I wish we all did. Either way you can always pray for one. But have that person who won’t let you wine about your issues but will take them to the War Room with you.
  • ·         Victories do not come by accident. They have to have strategy. Things do work out yes but sometimes we can let them get way out of hand because of not praying over them and sometimes we just loose.
  • ·         You are God’s first before anyone else. ALWAYS

There are many more lessons but it would be great for you to draw some of your own as well.
I really highly the movie and I pray that you transition well into 2016 even as you continue to grow in Christ. Also feel free to review all my 2015 posts.

Will end with this as a great song even as you go to your War Rooms
Tasha Cobbs : Break Every Chain

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