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I was having a discussion about life and experiences with my sister and she said something profound in the end that inspired this article
Yes we are big Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit by J.J.R Tolkein fans and we tend to re-watch them annually and we can probably recite Smiggles lines to the T by now J
So either way we were discussing life experiences and how people generally go through a difficult period in life and either bounce back like a Hobbit or disintegrate like an Orc.
 Let me explain from my own personal view from watching the movies.
Hobbits are a very peaceful race. They mind their own business and rarely seek adventures outside their comfort zone. They are also very community based and lead simple lives.
 The thing about Hobbits is that as much as they were a private race they were loyal and very reliable. If a Hobbit is given a task they will accomplish it and they will risk their lives to keep their word. The only Hobbit who defied that was Gollum and it was mainly because he allowed the ring to consume him. That made him turn into Smiggle. And from then on his good nature always battled his bad nature until his demise.

So what can we learn from Hobbits
  • ·         When we encounter trials remember that there were once good times before and look forward to them coming again. Mindset is half the battle. Tough times do not last and they build character. You will agree half the hobbits in the story grew a lot after their experiences
  • ·         Finish what is expected of you no matter what the circumstances. Observe the situations and take it one step at a time. Your biggest fears don’t really exist. It’s all in the mind. There is nothing the Hobbits encountered that they did not overcome, even those they had only heard about.
  • ·         Consider if your current situation is a catastrophe or an inconvenience. Hobbits always saw the greater good and saw the possibility of the end of the situation if they persevered. You can only change situations you take responsibility for, if you keep passing the blame you remain in the same place. Learn from your mistakes and circumstances.
  • ·         Pain is part of life. Otherwise we would just take everything for granted. If you know you can lose something you will probably hold it more dearly than if you know it is always going to be there. What we need to learn is live in the present because that is what you really have. There is always something to be grateful for even when you are going through your worst moments in a painful season.

  • ·         Hobbits did not even need to ask for help because of their communal nature they were helpful to one another. But either way if you are alone, ask for help. It doesn’t hurt to seek a helping hand when you need it. It’s not always obvious to others.
  • ·         Great things take time. There is nothing great that suddenly happened. It is always a process. The process is not always a pretty one either. Sometimes your attitude in the process will make you get where you want to go faster or slower.
  • ·         Believe it or not you are not alone even at your loneliest, someone may be watching out for you from a distance. Even as the Hobbits were trying to get the ring to Mordor they were completely unaware that the elves and the humans were fighting to keep the attention of the eye away from them so they could finish the journey. It had been years since they last saw each other, but there was hope and the Hobbits completed their quest.
  • ·         Everyone heals differently. That can be seen with how the lives of the different Hobbits concluded in the movie/book. Some got married, others went to live in a special land, others sought new adventures. Seek healing either way just don’t expect to heal like others do.
     Be vulnerable and be your true self and never give up the good that exists in you that is what being a Hobbit is all about.

     As for the Orcs
   What is an Orc. Believe it or not they were once Elves. They were once beautiful mystical creatures that became tortures soles. It’s easy to judge the Orc as they look now but if you understand where they came from you find it hard to believe that they used to be such grant creatures.

I  I think that’s what happens to us when we dwell too much on the negative side of our life experiences.
   Everyone goes through difficult times but sometimes we just let it consume us and if we let it do so for too long we change and become bitter and angry at the world.
  • ·         The Orcs did not fight the evil that tortured them, they succumbed to it.
  • ·         The Orcs became a victim if their circumstance and did not take responsibility, they decided that everyone should suffer as much as they do.
  • ·         The Orcs always felt someone has to pay and suffer just as they do. They never in any instance tried to defy their current fate, they just went with the flow. There was not one orc who decided to change sides even once, they only got worse and even turned on each other at times
  • ·         Because the Orcs were not at peace, no one else could be. They caused trouble even where there was previously no trouble.
  • ·         The Orcs policy was to recruit others into their war if not they just tortured and killed you.
  • ·         The Orcs had no ambition and just blindly followed their evil master. They did not even attempt to take the ring for themselves

I think it is very possible once in our lives to have Orc tendencies. Some of us get out of it but some do not. It is an unfortunate place to be in, but there is always hope. There is an inner Hobbit in each of us hoping for the best.

I am sure after this you may consider re-watching Lord Of The Rings because it’s been such a while. Please do. I am sure you will view it with greater insight.
So remember you always have a choice on whether you are a Hobbit or an Orc

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