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This week I came across this article from a site called Flawnt It Kenya
I was intrigued by the nature of it and that it is a site that generally helps people to appreciate themselves as they are, flaws and all. I had to share the links, feel free to check them out. Click on the links

Going to the site helped me think about my flaws, both physical and emotional. After I read some of the stories I did realize that I have grown.

Let me explain.
A lot of those stories were very familiar. The stories where you concentrate on what is wrong with you until they become your truth. You point out what is wrong with you before you give a chance to what is good about you.
You always want to be someone else or look to the old version of yourself and not pay attention to the journey that got you to where you are now in the first place.

As a woman in Africa, it is easy to live life in passing. What I mean is that your life can actually pass you by because you are always waiting for what is next. If that next stage does not come quick enough there is something wrong with you.

When you are a child, you want to be a teenager, as a teenager you can’t wait to be in your 20’s so you can be independent, after you finally get a job you want to get married, after marriage you want to have kids, when the kids come you want them to grow up, when they are grown you want to relocate upcountry and wait for life to end.
It is always the next thing in life we look to and we barely enjoy our present status. There is always more to strive for.

The biggest one that women in Africa get most stressed about would be the stage of getting married and having children.
You will never hear the end of it until you pass this stages. People can even forgive you for not having a career, but if you are not married or do not have kids at a certain age, you are branded as someone who has something wrong with them. Your faults are always pointed out and used against you.
I made up my mind to be my personal encourager. I have a gift of encouraging people, I can easily be a source of encouragement to another person until one day I stopped and realized that if I believed so much that it can happen for someone else, why not me?

I became more aware of what I told others and put it upon myself that as I tell someone something I should back it up with a personal story so it’s real to me as well.

Like if someone is stressed out about not having a job, I share that I didn’t have a job for years and how I used my time and by the time I did get a job I had even learnt to negotiate terms and was a huge asset to the company. That way I also believe God comes through for people and it’s even more encouraging when a personal story is tied to it.

I will admit I still have days when I am down dwelling on what is wrong with me, but I have learnt that it is important not to stay down. It will not make my flaws go away. In fact my flaws contribute a lot to who I really am, for it is in them that God shows Himself strong in my life. That is one of the biggest lessons I have learnt thus far.

I will end with this video clip. I hope it will inspire you more to embrace life. Click on the link below

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