Wednesday, 9 September 2015


So this week has been one of those weeks when I really don’t feel like writing my blog nor am I inspired to write it, however, decided I must try.
Been a hard week but I have learnt that when down, count your blessings
So I decided to write about having those spiritual markers. A spiritual marker is basically what the time people in the Old Testament did when God did something major in their lives they made a note of it, mostly by building altars in His honor
I think it is an important thing to do for every believer. Especially when you go through a difficult times and can’t see a way out those markers remind you where God brought you from, how He brought you through it and that He has never left you or forsaken you.
It will also remind you that whatever you are going through, He will bring you through nothing is too difficult for Him.
It’s good to reflect on His goodness in our lives it helps us focus on the truth that He is Loving, Kind, True and many more things.

There are names of God that generally mean more to us than others because we can attach an experience to it. That is what markers are all about. Write them down, make a poster, have a ceremony, just remember. These are what help us when we experience difficult times, remembering where God has brought us from and knowing that he will do it again.
There is always a reason why you are going through what you are going through. There is a big picture, you may not see it but God sees it and it always ends well. It may not end as you want but it ends well for all believers.
The worst thing that can actually happen to a believer is that you die and get to spend eternity with God in Heaven. The truth is as much as that has its level of comfort there are those things we still want to see come to pass. The truth is we can really live our lives thinking it’s about us and it truly isn’t, it’s about God’s purpose prevailing.
Either way, remember your markers and count your blessings it helps a lot. Trust me.
Also look forward to the future and don’t forget it’s all an adventure, just enjoy what God will bring you to because He will bring you through.
Blessed week folks

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