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So I recently watched the movie WALT BEFORE MICKEY. It is basically the story of Walter Disney and his journey to establish Disney Animations.

This is one of those stories every artist relates to in many ways. A story of fighting for your art even when people do not understand it because you know it will serve a greater purpose.

 In a time when there was an economic depression and animation was something relatively new it was a very difficult time to have such a ream when it just made sense to grab what you can in terms of a job and survive as you wait for better days ahead.
I am those kids who grew up on Disney animation. I grew up knowing, “the dreams that I wish will come true” that I could do all I put my mind to and yes I can sing all the songs and narrate most of the scripts from the Hakuna Matata’s to Bear Necessities.

When I watched the story it amazes me how Walter Disney had a dream and he worked so hard on it that it became part of a culture. He never gave up.

I don’t even think he realized that he would create such an impact but the truth is at that time his message and point of view was a great source of hope to many at that time and even to us now.
I grew up dreaming of being a Disney animator. I loved to draw the cartoons so much its basically what I practiced when drawing. I would make large drawings and hang them in my room all over the wall.

Disney is actually what birthed my artistic dreams from the drawings I did based on the characters to the animated features that stirred my imagination.
I was always very excited after watching the cartoons and it stirred so much excitement in my heart. It always made me feel like my dreams are possible and yes they are.
I recommend that you watch the movie if you can get it, especially if you are an artist. Against all odds never give up on your dreams.
This week I would like to share an article of my interview for my career as a fashion designer. Mia Mara Creations
I may not have become a Disney Animator but I am still an artist dreaming of something big and how I can impact my industry to a global scale. [Who knows maybe one day I will be commissioned to design clothes for one of the characters in an animated feature]
 Either way lessons learnt just never give up. Things may not always play out the way you want but they do work out

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