Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Lately I have been going through a transition season. This is that season that I have been praying literally 10 years for.
The funny thing about a season like this especially if you have prayed a long time for it is that when things start to happen you get into denial. You think it’s a fluke and you just expect things to revert as they were before. You even try old patterns and realize they do not satisfy you anymore.
Personally I am learning to let go of my anxieties.
Yes, I am anxious about things going well.
It is strange, they are not going that well just yet but I know they will get better and not worse and for some reason I have become too comfortable with disappointment that I am wondering when this bubble will burst.
I have had to take a step back and re-examine my life and my experiences. I am that person who has spent so much time longing for a new season, especially a transition and then when it’s finally starting to happen it all looks so scary. Like “what was I thinking? I can do that”
Well looks like maybe this time I am ready for the transitions because for once now, I do not have it all planned out and also I will have to solely rely on God during this season.
 And because I have so much experience in that for once I will begin with God and not crisis manage.
I have noticed a lot of my friends are in this season as well, and family and the temptation to revert to the familiar is tempting. But the truth is God expects us to grow and even if your transition is into a difficult season or a blissful one, there is a purpose for you there.
If you have been praying for a new job and that you want more responsibilities, just because you have one bad day of work does not mean the job is wrong for you. It means you are being groomed for more.

I learnt that after losing my job that despite the fact that it was painful and I was unhappy and not growing, God was fulfilling my dream of wanting to create employment. It did not come in a package I was expecting but with that final paycheck I started a business and employed a young lady I could mentor. The circumstance was not ideal and half the time I was not sure I could pay her but 2 years later I have never not been unable to pay her.
And on that note I became more confident and my client base grew and now I am in yet another transition that could see me go even further and further in realizing my dreams. But it took getting fired and walking in faith to get where I am and only God with all my emotional turmoil could pull me through all that.

That is sincerely a journey that has seen me grow in leaps and bounds in trusting God and the plans He has for my life and the fact that He actually answers our prayers even in the way we may not expect.
So trust me when I tell you, you do not want to remain in Egypt or in the wilderness even if they are comfort zones and know that land of milk and honey is there. We have learnt from the children of Israel that to get to the Promised Land there is some preparation and even when we get there we have to fight for that promise.

If you are in Egypt, God is still with you. That storm will not last and He does hear your cries. Just like He sent Moses He will send redemption.
If you are in the Wilderness, God is trying to build your character before he takes you to the next step. He is working on you and your circumstances to prepare you for the Promised Land. So hold tight and learn all you can.
If you are in the land know that this is just the beginning of God’s blessing upon your life and even when He blesses you, you will still be tested. This does not mean smooth sailing it means that He is the One Who is your source and still sustains you and His blessings should not take His place. You are where you are because God knows you are ready for it. To get to the next level expect some challenges as well. Before the blissful years of Solomon’s times, the Israelites went through a lot of challenges from within and outside as well. It was during Solomon’s reign that it finally looked like Milk and honey and Promised Land.
In case I have completely lost you read the stories in the Bible from Exodus to 1st Kings. It will all come together, I promise J
As I continue to embrace this transitional season I encourage every one of you to continue to seek God and experience the amazing work He is doing in your life

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