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So I was talking with my sister last weekend about our friend Joy who had just climbed Mount Longonot for the first time. Yes, many people have climbed Longonot including my sister and myself as well. But there was just something about Joy’s experience that I had to share. The perspective she got about life and her Christian journey while going round the crater pretty much sums up ones Christian life journey. A modern parable so to speak.
As much as this is my second mountain climbing post on this blog there was no way I was not going to share this amazing testimony with all of you.
I hope you find some revelation and some encouragement even as you read her interview.
Joy all set
1. What can you tell us about yourself? [Who you are? What you do? …….]
My name is Joy Mutuku,
I am a Business Development Executive at a tax consultancy firm in Nairobi.
I am also the praise and worship leader at my church.

2. What are the things you do for fun?
I love reading, travelling and lately I have developed an interest in mountain climbing.
View of Longonot before the climb
3. How did you start climbing mountains/hiking? Was it your first time or is it something you usually do?
Mid last year I started taking exercise seriously and began running every morning for at least 30 minutes. Beginning this year, one of my resolutions is to incorporate mountain climbing into my exercise.
I listed three mountains that I should climb by December 2016.Mt. Longonot, Mt. Kenya ad Mt. Kilimanjaro.
When I was in High school I climbed Mt. Kilimambogo in Thika so I know a thing or two about hiking.

4 What was the experience you had when you went on this particular hike?
a) Physically -was it a struggle? It was a struggle, because such a feat definitely takes a toll on your body because you are pushing it towards its limit but in the end it was the will to finish what I started that kept me going.
b) Emotionally- were there times you wanted to give up, if so what pulled you through
There were times where I wanted to give up but the will to go on was much greater because I kept declaring Philippians 4:13 “ I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength “
c) Growth-what did you learn about yourself?  I learnt that I am a go getter, I strive to achieve what I have purposed to achieve. I am strong willed.

5 What next for you after this climb?
I am planning on climbing Mount Kenya.
Scripture that kept Joy going
6. Would you recommend this experience to others? If so why?
Yes I would recommend this experience to others. It is a wonderful experience, you not only lose some weight, but you also get to interact with different people from different cultures and beliefs. It could also be a great adventure for anyone interested in local tourism or just thrill seeking,

7 If there was one thing you could do if money was not an issue what would it be?
I would travel all over the world, live with different communities, learn new cultures and languages, make new friends, share the gospel of Jesus Christ and Video blog about my experiences.
Mount Longonot Terrain
8 What inspirational thing would you share to other African believers?
When I was going round the crater, I got a revelation about Salvation and mountain climbing.
At first when we started climbing, we were so psyched up and had so much energy quite similar to when someone gets saved, you get psyched up about salvation and what you believe salvation will do to and for you.

As you continue to climb, you start getting weary and the  thought of quitting crosses your mind, you meet people on the way that will discourage you with statements like “you have a long way to go”  or “you should have started early in the morning before sunrise”. On the other hand, you will meet with people who will encourage you and assure you that you will make it to the peak.

In salvation you need people around you to add value to your life and lead you to the right paths, it’s the same experience even as you climb the mountain. If I hadn’t gone with my younger brother I don’t think I would have made it to the top and round the crater. There are times I would get weary but he would encourage me and remind me why I decided to climb in the first place.

I also realized that it is very important to keep focus, whenever I lost focus I would get weary. We kept checking where the finish point was, and this would encourage us to go on. In salvation as well, you are not focused on where you are going, you will just be living a mediocre Christian life, without experiencing Jesus Christ and having a relationship with Him.

Something else I need to point out is that in mountain climbing you need water and lots of it. If you climb without water, you might faint. In Salvation this water can be likened to the Word of God, you need to keep “sipping“ the living scriptures or else you will get weary and faint, and eventually die spiritually.

Chilling at the top
When we got to the end, we had this wonderful feeling of accomplishment, we looked back and had an appreciation of all the struggles we encountered on the way because they are the ones that made the finishing worthwhile. Were it an easy feat, the wonderful feeling wouldn’t be there to begin with.
I have also learnt that we should appreciate the journey, even as Christians we should appreciate the ups and downs of life since they bring us closer and closer to being where God has destined for us to be. If we frown at every hurdle that is in our way, we fail to recognize that victory isn’t that sweet if it is effortless.

Joy and her brother
9 Favorite moment while at the bottom of a mountain?
The fact that I embarked on a journey not knowing what I will encounter and I made it.
And seeing everyone smiling and happy to have made it was my favorite moment.

10 Favorite moment while on top of the mountain?
My Favorite moment on the top of the mountain was seeing, the beauty of Gods creation.

11 Any regrets?
I have no regrets

12 Favorite scripture?
Ecclesiastes 3:11, “ He has made everything beautiful in his time , He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from the beginning to the end.

Celebrating a victorious climb
Favorite verse

Told you that it was a great experience and I hope it inspired you. Even though she wanted to give up several times, she held on and finished not only climbing the mountain but going around the crater. And isn't it great that God never lets you go through life alone, He always sends some encouragement our way and other believers to help us with our walk of faith.
Have an inspired week

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  1. Good read.

    "Salvation is not a cruise ship where we come aboard and receive all the luxuries and benefits, while relaxing and patiently awaiting our destination."

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  3. Wow. thank you for the insight. I'll plan to do the same too.
    The inspiration is greatly appreciated Joy