Wednesday, 10 February 2016



Ever since I became a believer, I have been fascinated by the Word of God. I just cant get enough of it and I learn so much about God and also about myself through reading and studying it. I am not just saying it either for me it’s real.

I realized there is a different impact God’s Word has for people who grew up in a Christian home and for people who became Christian on their own accord. For me being a Christian is trusting Jesus as my personal Savior. For those who have been brought up in a Christian [church going] family, it can become more like an inherited custom more than an active faith.

But when they pursue it then it makes a world of difference because it becomes real and how they were brought up makes a world of sense.
 I am those people who may not look it but I love to seriously study The Word of God. And I mean study it beyond the text. I love the History behind it and getting into the authors mind and what was happening when they wrote and why they wrote it.
I encourage every believer to go through a class like this and really get into the Word of God and see it from the perspective of a Biblical scholar, it will totally blow your mind. It gives you a new perspective in life and makes you focus more on the big picture that circumstances.
 It will amaze you and make you wonder why there are people who may doubt the authenticity of The Word of God. I am those people who even wondered why people did not tell me earlier. But you realize that it is a journey of faith. Even when one tells you something about God’s Word, it is so active and breathing that it will just minister to you in a different way.
Our church this year has gone all out and decided that we will look at the Bible in such a way. Beyond what we usually just read, into what God is trying to tell us. It is an exciting time.
Beyond that they are also offering classes that further explain the Word in a deeper way called Tyrannus Hall. Click here for more details on that here

I encourage you this year now that we are in a new month to get deeply into God’s Word. Let it transform you and allow yourself to live it and reach a new level in your faith. Allow yourself to be transformed and become a new person and allow yourself to experience life in a new way and in a way you never deemed possible.

You can never regret knowing more about God. You can never regret growing closer to Go. You can never regret growing deeper in the Word and you certainly will never regret it making you a better version of yourself. Read an old post I wrote about our flaws here that will gain you a new perspective

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