Tuesday, 7 July 2015


There is this song I used to love when I was younger by Paula Cole called Where Have All The Cowboys Gone
It didn’t make sense then.  Until I grew up and realized that there was a lack of cowboys now.
You may be wondering, who is the cowboy? Glad you asked. A cowboy is….
  • ·         Brave
  • ·         Courageous
  • ·         Daring
  • ·         Noble
  • ·         Honorable
  • ·         Bold
  • ·         etc

I’m not saying there are no men who don’t have these qualities but seriously guys sometimes it’s nice to see more of it.
Now before you get any ideas on what I mean by cowboys I don’t mean the rough and tough, I mean the gentlemen.
  • ·         The ones who will leave a door open for you and let you go in first as you enter a room
  • ·         The one pulls out a chair for you
  • ·         The one who opens the car door for you
  • ·         The one who carries your heavy bag for you
  • ·         The one who lends you his jacket when it gets chilly
  • ·         The one who notices your presence and acknowledges it
  • ·         The one who pays you a compliment without it meaning more than it should
  • ·         The one who is nice to you just because he can

Am sure there are men out there like this, but I rarely see them
·         I see a lot of insecure men
  • ·         The ones who complain about women
  • ·         The ones who want one night stands
  • ·         The ones who won’t take responsibility for their actions
  • ·         The ones who take women for granted
  • ·         The ones who can pay women a single compliment without wanting something
  • ·         The ones who treat women in a disrespectful manner

I could go on and on but it won’t be fare. I don’t want to be a male basher
I’m just saying men, I know you can do more and be more and when you are believe it or not women step up too. Women follow your lead, even the feminist ones. If men treated women with love and respect even feminists wouldn’t find anything to complain about.
I was watching this movie last night called OLD FASHIONED and the male main character seemed to have a good idea on how women should be treated. I recommend it for everyone. It may be abit extreme for some of you but it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.
Here is a link to the trailer


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