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I came across this article on a Christian blog. Find link below
I had never thought of this before. Yes, I have done a bucket list before, didn’t follow through it all so this list will definitely be interesting to do. Here goes [edited a few though]

1 Get saved. Did that in 1998 the best decision I ever made. Ok I got fully sold out in 1998 otherwise I was those people who prayed the sinners prayers a zillion times but when I finally understood what living for Christ meant, I never looked back and have never regretted it since.

2. Do the same thing--locking the house up and moving to a community in
   another county--where you don't know a soul. Mmmh! Maybe visiting don’t know about moving. Something to consider for sure. Though I did move to a church where I didn’t know anyone 10 years ago, does that count? Or there was also a time I was away from everyone I knew with limited communication for a month. Guess that counts….

3. Pack some things, lock your house up, arrange to have a friend look after your  house, ask the post office to forward your mail. I have gone away from home before see no 2

4. Take your entire family on a Caribbean cruise. When I can I definitely will I’m a sucker for a good holiday.

5. Forgive someone. I do daily and I do my best to keep doing that.

6. Find someone who changed your life and do something special for him/her Done. The person doesn’t know how much but they will J

7. Deepen Yourself Doing that as we speak. I love my new class I learn so much about God’s Word.

8. Widen yourself. I do this especially on line. I learn a lot by not keeping my Christian walk in a box and sheltering myself from what the world really thinks.

9. Postpone your bucket-kicking event. Yes I will eat better, exercise more and take better care of myself

10. Make your own bucket list. Did that some years back… need a new one for sure

11. If you live in the area where you went to school, buy season tickets to the ball games. Attend and cheer, learn the names of players, and act like a kid again. Yet to ever go watch a sports game since Primary School Sports day. Mmmh

12. Throw a street party for your neighborhood. That would be fun, did that almost 9 years ago, does that count?

13. Develop a 15 minute comedy routine--and present it in public. Hmm I did that I don’t know if I want to involve the public.

14. Read a book of Christian theology The only reason am reading one is because of the class am taking. Find them boring. Not all but the one am reading now, yeah am just bearing with it.
15. Plant a flower garden. Yeah need to revive my garden.

16. Master one of the new techni-gadgets. Done…. Wish they didn’t change so much though

17. Do a blog. It’s where you are reading this list

18. Keep a journal for a year of your life. Been doing that since I was a teenager

19. Write down the story of your life. Yet to compile the journal
20. Cater lunch for the entire church. Not possible….. big church
21. Do a random act of kindness. Will try as much as possible but have done that lots of times

22. Read through the Bible. Done that twice, will attempt a 3rd time soonest

23. Make sure all within your sneeze halo are saved. Don’t get this at all

24. Become something of an expert on one book of the Bible. Challenge accepted

25. Give a needy child the Christmas of his life. Will do for sure

26. Chaperone a youth mission trip. Did that once, don’t see myself doing it again

27. Buy a pastor a suit of clothes. Hmm there is a thought

28. Wash someone's feet. Something to consider

29. Make a will. I think I wrote one when I was a kid, I had like 5 items and I gave them all to my sister cause I thought my brothers were annoying. Will write one soon for sure.

30. Make up your own bucket list. I will come up with one for sure

31. Read A. W. Tozer's The Pursuit of God. I don’t know if I’ll manage the English grammar will …….. let me just leave it at that

32. Plant some flowers or even a tree. Did that, enjoying the fruits as we speak

33. If your city has a children's hospital, become a volunteer. Will check that out if it’s possible

34. Visit a nursing home and minister to patients who rarely have visitors. Something to consider for sure

35. Drop by the Intensive Care Unit at your local hospital and see if there are family members of critically ill patients who need you. Something to consider

NOTE I am not the best care giver so the hospital visits and the like need serious thought

36. Tell everyone you love that you love them. Try to as much as possible

37. One time in your life, contribute twice as much to the work of the Lord than you did the previous year.
Did that. I’m sure of it, still doing it

38. Develop some latent talent such as for music or art Playing an instrument is still in my bucket list

39. Find your spiritual gift and put it to use. Already did. Yey!!
40. Pay off everything and get out of debt. Trying to

41. Find someone from your past and apologize. Hmmm, will look into that.
42. Volunteer in your community. Do that already, Yey!

43. Become a person of good humor and frequent laughter. Yes, this I will do for sure

44. Learn to pray better. Every day

45. Join a choir. Not sure they’ll allow

46. Visit a mission field and do something there for Jesus. Is visiting a new church plant the same as this? Hmmm definitely do it either way.

47. Memorize an entire chapter of the Bible. Will try not good at memorizing stuff though

48. Stand up to a church bully. Always do

49. Win someone to Jesus. Always trying
50. Visit the Holy Land. Must do

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