Wednesday, 18 May 2016


I recently realized that I wait a lot and I am not sure if that is a good thing but I do. The thing I wait most on is love. I have started to wonder if it is me who is not recognizing it or am not paying attention.

Either way I read this article that made me realize I am not the only one waiting.
Don’t get me wrong. I think we all wait for love. Maybe in different ways but we do.
Not just romantic love but it depends on how you view love.
I realize that a lot of the time it is easier for me to accept my faults when pointed out to me and not compliments. I have grown up in an environment where what you do is just a stepping stone to better things so you are never really allowed to celebrate an achievement for very long because more is expected of you.
That is not a bad thing but it make you live life always in transition and never in the moment.
Anyways let me address romantic love for this article. I realized one thing about my interaction with men. I am always waiting for them to step up.
I am not sure if I am having unrealistic expectations or its basically that we are wired differently but I get so disappointed that I am starting to think it is normal for them not to.
I wonder what it is most of the time. If fear of failure and rejection really that bad that one would not want to take the step.
Isn’t love about risk just as much as it is about gain?
We all take risks for things we love and people we love. Sometimes we are not even sure we will get the love back. I do believe women take a higher risk in love because even when they do not get it back they are at least glad they gave it a shot. Men are taking less and less risk and are more content living in an less than ideal situation or life then complain later that there are no good women out there.
The truth is good women so to speak are there in plenty. They are made. They come out when they feel secure. And they are waiting for the guy who would risk love for them. Women crave security and when a woman is secure she can conquer the world and would do anything for her man.
I may be wrong but for me that is how I am wired. I would not put myself in a position of being with someone who will only take a risk or make a move when it suits them. I am also taking a risk. Relationships are hard enough as it is that putting myself in a position with someone who is always second guessing themselves is not very helpful.
It goes for me as well. I would not keep a guy second guessing their position with me because I am not sure of what I want, it wouldn’t be fair.

My post today is all over the place. I guess I just wanted to let this out there, so hope it makes some kind of sense.
My point is I will wait for the right kind of love where there is some sacrifice and work involved from both parties. This is too much of a big deal to leave it to chance or give in to pressures of life.
It will not be perfect because it is only God Who has that kind of love but it should be sacrificial.
Lets start loving more. It is a verb, meaning action is involved. Start living
Check out this amazing article I read as well especially for the ladies a new perspective on waiting what-if-your-boaz-is-waiting-on-you

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