Wednesday, 8 June 2016



Today I would like to talk alittle about a program I am part of this year called the YOUNG AFRICAN LEADERS INTIATIVE otherwise known as YALI

Here is the link to the website YALI SITE

This program was started by the current US President Barak Obama to invest in the next generation of African leaders in areas of Business and Entrepreneurship, Public Management and Civic leadership.
Those selected into the program are known as Mandela Washington Fellows [MWF], named after one of the greatest African leaders Nelson Mandela.
The program consists of going to the US for 6 weeks in different institutions across America to be equipped in what they are already doing under the tracks they applied in.
The application process is very vigorous and highly competitive.
There are also regional courses that offer courses and also online courses one can still do.
I encourage people to check the website for more details.
I will personally write my experience from the perspective of culture in the next couple of weeks. It will depend on my schedule and availability of my time to work on the blog while there.
I hope you will learn from my experiences and see the US in an African perspective.
There will be more information as we go along
To be continued soon……………..

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